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Knockout Nutrition and Workout 2/19


Former boxer and nutrition expert, Jenifer Alcorn, visited Great Day to talk about things to know to help you avoid food poisoning and showed 3 sciatic nerve stretches.

Understanding Dates on Food:

Sell By Date: The last day the item is at its highest quality

Best If Used By/Before Date: Refers to quality and not safety

Born On Date: Used on beer

Guaranteed Fresh Date: Usually on bakery items. Still good after but not as fresh.

Use By Date: Most important date. If you don't use by this date, freeze or throw away.

Pack Date: Not as important because some foods last a very long time after canning

Foods to NEVER eat after the expiration date:

 * Raw eggs
 * Deli meat
 * Mixed greens
 * Alfalfa sprouts
 * Oysters
 * Shrimp
 * Raw ground beef
 * Berries
 * Soft cheese
 * Chicken


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