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Another Thief Caught On Camera Taking Package From Porch


If you're among the millions shipping who shipped stuff on Monday, the busiest day for the U.S. Postal Service, you may now want to follow up to make sure it was received.

Thieves continue to take packages left on front porches across the valley.

"I've been burglarized... mail stolen... fuel stolen... we had a robbery a year ago," says Robbie DuBato.

He only realized in the last week that a package was taken from his porch three weeks ago.

His wife had ordered decorations on EBay, but they didn't arrive.

"We called the seller, who said it was delivered," he says.

So, he checked his surveillance video and saw the disturbing clip from November 27th.

A woman, who appeared to be in her 30's, walked up to the home and grabbed a box that had been left by U.P.S.

DuBato didn't recognize her.

What's particularly alarming is that his wife and son were home.

His son was playing video games just 15 feet from the front door.

Neighbors later told DuBato they had seen a white car driving past the home that morning.

Several times, it even stopped in front of the home.

They figured, it was someone related to the family.

DuBato says it's clear, this wasn't the woman's first rodeo.

"You watch the way she parks and gets out the car and walks up like nothing," he says. "She has a walkie talkie. And you look and the same time she gives the guy in the car a thumbs up."

DuBato says he has lived in his home for more than 20 years, but things have gotten worse recently.

Just last year, someone broke the door frame to his home and ransacked the place.

You can still see paint chipped in the hallway, where the thieves' dolly hit the wall.

Several years ago, other neighbors were also victims of theft; 16 were hit in a span of just weeks.

He says many are now keeping an eye out for each other.

As for the thief, he has a simple message: "You're an idiot.

"They're gonna get caught. Come back, the neighborhood is looking for her," he says.
Dubato says his alarm has a feature that alerts him whenever anyone walks up to the front door.

He says the feature annoyed him, so he turned it off.

It has now been re-activated.

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