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Takin' Care Of Business, 12/10 - Different Generations Working Together


In today's workplace, we're all met with different challenges on a daily basis, and one challenge that seems to be affecting more and more employees, is learning how to succeed in a multi-generational environment.

Great Day's workplace expert, Louise Bauer Davoli, joined us with some advice on how everyone from all the generations can successfully work together.

Generation Groups:

  • Veterans or Matures (Pre 1945)
  • Baby Boomers (Mid 1940s to 1960)
  • Generation X (Mid 1960 to early 1980s)
  • Generation Y (Age 30 and under)

How to Succeed:

  • Use the Myers-Brigs Test
  • Develop Leadership at all Levels
  • Enhance Self-Understanding
  • Foster Appreciation

Louise said there is a fee for the Myers-Brigs Test but also said there is a free online test that may be helpful. Click here to try the free Keirsey Temperament Sorter.

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