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Cat Falls Six Stories And Survives: Accident Or Cruelty?

FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) -

A cat went flying out the window of the Helm Building Friday morning in downtown Fresno.    Still to be determined is whether it was a case of animal cruelty or an accident.   

The cat on the mend and in the Fresno SPCA hospital is affectionately named Fulton.  It was born ten years ago on the Fulton Mall and homeless people say it's been hanging around ever since. 

Friday morning Barbara Smith said she saw her beloved Fulton tossed out the window by a Helm Building employee.  "That wasn't right and then what make it so bad he laughed.   He looked down and laughed, ha, ha, ha, ha."

Arthur Lanzrian Senior is also a friend of Fulton.   He came to the cat's aid right after it fell.  "I went up and I pet the cat and he moved.   So then I tried to pick him up and he clawed me."

Animal control was on the scene in minutes and Fulton was rushed to the SPCA hospital for treatment.  

The general manager of the Helm Building says it was not a case of animal cruelty.   Charles Atikian says his workers were trying to clear the building of stray animals.  

He says the cat got spooked and jumped out an open window on the sixth floor.  Atikian believes the cat may have been trapped in the building for sometime and just wanted out.

Fulton the cat's friends on the mall aren't convinced especially Lanzrian Senior.  "To me anybody that throws an animal out of a window or kicks an animal or mistreats an animal and ties him up for any reason should be punished.   They should go to jail."

Fresno Police Officers were on the mall but didn't get involved in the case.  Meantime back at the hospital Fulton is mending but not in the mood for visitors after falling six stories.

The SPCA says Fulton is in stable condition and seems to be in good shape after such a hard fall.

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