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Red Tail Hawk Can't Fly Downtown: Belly Too Full

FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) -

A red tail hawk has become a common sight on the Fresno's Fulton Mall the past couple of weeks.  Saturday morning there was great concern because the bird couldn't fly but it now appears the hawk over indulged.

She is a beautiful bird believed to be three to four years old.   But Saturday morning the Red Tail Hawk couldn't fly.   Flor Flores who works on the Fulton Mall and has been feeding the bird watched a crowd gather.   She decided to call Fresno Police.  "They just put a lot of attention to her because she couldn't fly.   She was just there.   She wouldn't fly away even though people would get near her.   She would try."

Fresno Police arrived and put the hawk in a box. Officer Vu Yang said he discovered evidence the red tail had an appetite.  "He had a little pigeon on his claws and wouldn't let it go.   Once he saw a bunch of people watching he let go but he still couldn't fly."

Minutes later Kathy Bolen with Critter Creek Wildlife Station arrived.   Her assessment of the problem, the bird's belly was full.  "It could be full.   You don't really want to move from the sofa once you've had a big meal."

Bolen took the Red Tail Hawk to a local vet to be checked out.   If it's okay the bird will be released back in the downtown area which delighted Flor Flores. "Is she still gonna be around here.   Oh that's awesome.   Yeah that's awesome."

This is the beginning of mating season and it's possible the hawk has a nest in the downtown area.

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